A Baking Evening

I am very much like my Mom in someways. A few nights ago I came home to a messy kitchen and what do I do? I start making apple turnovers, peanut butter swirl brownies and lemon bars. That is something my Mom definitely did when I was growing up. I have vivid memories of my childhood w
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Hey look…

My post made the front page of the baking section. Thanks Mom, for teaching me your skills. And to Chad and Elisabeth, my baking heros.
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Life is an adventure and you learn as you go…

I love to create things with my hands and this is the story about how I learned to make bread, croissants and danishes from Chad Robertson and his wife Elisabeth Prueitt. Last July I moved to Nashville, TN and when I got here my cross-country coaching job fell through. Being so close
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Zucchini Muffins

This just in…my Zucchini muffins are now being sold at Fido. Come and get ’em. Also, I have a cranberry zucchini combination…stay tuned for more delicious updates.
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Focaccia can be toasted with jam for breakfast, used for gourmet sandwiches, served on the side with soup, used for croutons and served with the finest of Italian meals with bowls of olive oil and freshly ground pepper. My favorite time to serve focaccia is with large bowls of pasta,
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No-Bake Lasagna with Ricotta and Tomatoes

I have quite a few jobs (you know those bills don’t pay themselves). And one of them is babysitting/tutoring a little girl who lives in Nashville. Seeing that I don’t see much sunlight being in the bakery all day and running before the sun even rises, I suggested we spend the summer a
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