Beneath the Make-Up, Fake Tan and Implants

By Molly Eggleston | Guest Blogger A couple of days ago, I was waiting in line at Target and picked up a magazine to skim through. Immediately after seeing pictures of models and celebrities, I began the body-bashing: I would kill for that body; I wish I had a stomach that flat; I wis
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The Perfect Little Blue F

By Christine Saah | Guest Blogger Perfect skin. Perfect Hair. Perfect Smile. Perfect Body. These images are thrown in my face constantly. If it’s not on some stupid magazine cover it is bound to be on some type of TV advertisement. These images find me and I am sure they find you too.
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The Bikini Question

Photo Credit: Rey Swimwear  By Rachel Clark | Guest Blogger Summer is rolling around, and our time at the beach or pool just skyrocketed! I think we can all agree that the majority of girls wear bikinis at any place involving water. However, I don’t. Most of my friends think I s
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Beauty Pageant Contestant Wins Runner-Up!!

Over the weekend a beautiful woman used Made in His Image as her platform for a beauty pageant. She read about Made in His Image several months ago and contacted me to say that it inspired her to dress modestly in her upcoming pageant and for the rest of her life. She talked about her
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Can I get a drum roll please…Bum, bada bum, bada bum bum! Ladies and gentlemen, and boys and girls of all ages, MIHI wants to introduce you, to the gorgeous new magazine that my sweet, beautiful and amazingly talented friends in New York City just launched. It’s called Ver
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Lose 20 pounds? WHAT?

J.crew told me I had the cheek bones and legs to be a model for them, but would have to lose 20 pounds in order to do so. WHAT?! THAT’S CRAZY!! Thanks, but no thanks!   Sadly, this is our society, this is the culture that is molding young women and forming negative self-esteem i
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