He never called and he said he would…

Ahh, he never called when he said he would.  It’s not like I’m anxious or anything, but what is up with that? Why do they say they are going to call and don’t? He said he had a great time and wanted to take me on a second date…seriously come on? Why do they call me beautiful and
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A girl’s favorite and a guy’s least favorite subject: LOVE

Alright, who wants to talk about their feelings? Okay don’t everyone jump up at once. A lot of people think love is a feeling. Well, guess what? It’s not. Sure, if you are romantically attracted, involved, or married to someone, you, as the saying goes have feelings for them. But thos
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Future Husband? Umm, Yes!!

Quick post before going out to drink some Margaritas and eat dinner outside on this gorgeous night in Nashville! Ladies, wait for a man who cherishes you. Don’t settle for less. You are such a treasure and deserve to be treated as such. “I’ve kept myself from fleeting pleasures, and k
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Dating and Relationships

While in route back to Nashville I met a man who was trying to be impressive by saying he had run the Marine Corps Marathon in under four hours (which is amazing)! And to be honest it was impressive, I love a guy who can run. Then he said he had two girlfriends and would love another.
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If you loved me wouldn’t you get plastic surgery?

As I was flipping through a local magazine, I came across an add that read, “Beautiful Positive You – Call today to schedule your appointment at Vanderbilt Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. “ Excuse me as I gag. WHAT A LIE!! “Beautiful Positive You” stems from your inherent d
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Vulnerability and Relationships

Last night I did some serious thinking and came to the following conclusions: God the Father has profoundly blessed me. My life and life experiences are immense gifts from Him. And I do a horrible job at thanking God for the gift of my life and the events of last night put things in p
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