The Human Experience

Letting Go of Insecurities

By Scott Weeman | Men’s Staff Writer Photo Credit | Donna Irene Photography One of my least favorite questions that people ask me when I first meet them is “What do you do?”  For some reason, this question triggers all sorts of insecurities in me as a man, as if there is some ri
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I felt like I was experiencing my own Human Experience

Dear Made in His Image, Today, I went canoeing with my friend. I haven’t been too confident about my body but I’ve been “sober” and haven’t purged. I am not so phased with numbers. On the water, I realized that there is no way I can think about how I look when I am out on a beautiful
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My Eyes Met His and We Embraced

I just got back from a party where I ate some of the most delicious salmon I have ever eaten. I love salmon, and man oh man, it was so amazing!! As you can probably tell from the past few posts, I really love the movie The Human Experience. Yesterday, I watched it with one of the men
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To the Gentleman From the Coffee Shop…

Several weeks ago, a gentleman approached me at a local coffee shop in Nashville, where I was working on various projects for Made in His Image. He sat down next to me and asked if I was a student. No, I’m not a student. He probed further, and I told him about MIHI. I could tell by hi
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The main actor, Jeffrey Azize, struck my heart

Early one morning one of the nurses called me over to the bedside of a dying woman. I was in Kolkata, India serving with the Missionaries of Charity at Kalighat (Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying). The nurse asked me to help her cut the skin covering this woman’s deteriorating skull,
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