Come with Made in His Image to Belize!

In 2012, I was invited to travel to Belize to speak to the children there. The opportunity truly spoke to my heart, as many of the children living in the villages of Belize are abused and sexually assaulted. These children grow up with a twisted view of their sexuality, God’s love, lack of self-esteem, distrust, and a host of other issues associated with abuse. It took less than a second for me to agree to travel there and speak to these children.

The village of Belize did everything they could to fundraise for my plane ticket and I wanted to reach out to you so you could help me bring a male chastity speaker with me. Since so many of these children are abused I think it’s exceedingly important for a male speaker to address the boys in Belize. My friend Mike, who lives in Nashville use to be a chastity speaker with Generation Life and I have asked him to come along. Mike is also a professional guitar player, so I thought the children would enjoy his talent as well, as I’m sure the music would be a treat for them.

Here is a little about Mike…

dlcu-50Mike Lahey was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was raised down the road in Lafayette. He grew up with the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Cajun, and Roots music.  After earning his Bachelor’s of Music from the University of Louisiana in 2003, Mike started performing Funk, Rock, Celtic, and Jazz.

Mike relocated to New York City in 2010 and started a fresh career in performing and teaching. He quickly met the Sisters of Life and helped with building cribs and moving furniture for single mothers. He also served the poor with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and led music for Eucharistic Adoration with the New York Frassati Fellowship and New Name Ministries.

In 2011, Mike joined Generation Life, a movement of young people working to build up a culture of life. As a missionary in NYC, he spoke to thousands of young people at schools and churches on the topics of Pro-Life and Chastity.

Answering God’s call to re-evangelize the culture through music, Mike moved in Jan. 2013 to Tennessee. He resides in Nashville; teaching guitar, songwriting, performing, and speaking.

The plane ticket to get Mike to Belize with me is $620.00. Through your generosity, we have raised $430.00, so we need to raise $190.00 to make this happen. I am so incredible grateful to those who have given!! Thank you, thank you!!! We are going April 13-20, 2013. Please keep in mind that MIHI is a non-profit, so we are here because of your generosity, without it, we wouldn’t exist.

483879_566577303367001_787657886_nI also want to raise an extra $120.00 so I can bring the girls our bracelets as a gift for them. MIHI will not make a profit. They wanted to buy them, but can not afford them. I know the girls would be so grateful and it would be a great reminder of their worth and dignity.

To make a donation please click HERE and choose option 1 (although you are MORE than welcome to join my monthly support team as well by choosing option 2 in addition)!

We are so exceedingly grateful for your support!! Please be assured of our daily prayers for you! By giving you really are coming with us, because we can’t go without your support.

With gratitude,

Maura Byrne

Founder & President

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