Finding our Identity

Consider just for a moment the gaze of the Father over all of creation. As the Father gazes on all of creation, know that he sees you, that you stand out to the Lord.


As He looks upon you, He looks upon you with delight. He sees in your heart something that He has never made before, and something that He will never make again. Let the gaze of the Father wash over you for just a moment.


As you rest in God’s gaze, open your heart to acknowledge that this heart that has never been made before and will never be made again, unrepeatable, irreplaceable heart that is yours, is in pain, is not perfect.


Acknowledge before the Lord, for just a moment, that you have asked questions about your worth, about your value, about your goodness, and about your beauty. Acknowledge that as you have had these questions on your heart many times, you have looked around for answers.


Acknowledge in a particular way, as you wonder if you’re worthy, if you’re lovable, if you’re enough, if you’re beautiful: with those questions you have looked into the eyes of others, and in particular, you’ve looked into the eyes of men, hoping to find an answer. You’ve found pain. You’ve been betrayed and broken.


In this prayer, come back to the foundation. Know the Father, in this moment, very gently takes your chin and lifts it back, to His gaze. As the Father looks into your eyes and He holds your face, He sees the deep places where this is pain, where the questions still linger, where the broken answers you sought in the world cause such agony on your heart. The Father says to you, I never wanted that for you, and I want to take that from you now.


Receiving the gaze of the Father, now hear His word to you, which is absolute truth. Hear the Lord say to you, My beautiful one, my beloved daughter, you are beautiful to me. I love the way that I made you. 


Hear the Lord say to you in truth that He will never make another heart like this. Hear Him say to you in all of these questions, Yes, Yes, My dear beloved one, you are beautiful to me. You are lovely to me. You are delightful. I long for your heart. Please come back to me.


Give the Lord permission, right now, to draw you back to Himself. Give Him permission in this moment to speak the deep truth that you are beautiful. You are lovely. You are delightful. You are worthy. You are enough. You are beloved. Hear these words from the Lord because they are His. Open your heart dear sisters, and hear the Truth of the Father in this moment, as he says to you, I love you.


P.S. You are enough.

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