FUEL UP- Introduction

After college I worked for a non-profit organization called Varsity Catholic. I was a Catholic missionary on a college campus, helping student-athletes grow in their relationship with Christ and His Church. All of the Varsity Catholic Missionaries are former collegiate athletes, so from our own experiences have a firm grasp of the unique struggles that student-athletes are faced with.

One of the programs I had the privilege of designing and writing is called FUEL UP, which I am posting here on my blog.

This is just an introduction to FUEL UP and I will post more later in the Student-Athlete section of my blog. This program is for high school and college age athletes, and was designed and written with great love in my heart for you. It is my hope and prayer that through the Lord’s grace this will help you be a signing light on your sports teams.


Helping student-athletes fuel up spiritually

A Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink.” His disciples had gone to the city to buy food. The Samaritan woman said to Him, “How is it that you, a Jew, ask a drink of me, a woman of Samaria?” Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” The woman said to Him, “Sir, you have no bucket, and the well is deep. Where do you get that living water? Are you greater than our ancestor Jacob, who gave us the well, and with his sons and his flocks drank from it?” Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but those who drink of the water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life” (John 4:7-14).

Every athlete needs to properly hydrate in order to perform at their optimum. As a collegiate athlete you are exercising your body and mind in a rigorous way. You need to drink even more than normal to replace lost fluid. The same principal can be applied to your faith journey with Christ.

College campuses today breed immorality. Therefore, to be a college student in today’s society is exceedingly dangerous without the proper armor. For you are engaged in a battle, a battle between good and evil, a battle for souls, and ultimately for eternity.

Similar to the way your elite physical regime requires you to consume more fluid, the war that has been waged on college campuses requires you to fuel up spiritually. FUEL UP hopes to encourage and equip student-athletes with the tools necessary to learn more about their Catholic faith so you can encourage your fellow teammates. FUEL UP will help you develop a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, depend your faith, share His message of hope, love and mercy to all of those you encounter.

Be a warrior for Christ! FUEL UP!

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