Get Off the Scale

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!! I spent the last four days babysitting for an amazing family. They have 8 children ranging from 11 to 7 months. Now I’ve always had a tremendous respect for mothers, but man oh man, you moms are AMAZING!!!!!!! I don’t know how you do it, you’re incredible!!!!

So tomorrow it’s back to reality. And that means work, classes, and getting up early – fun stuff right? Perhaps you’re anxious because you feel as though youmessed up over thanksgiving? Maybe you think you ate too much, didn’t exercise enough, or just flat-out failed. Well you didn’t and your beautiful. I just found the following passage and wanted to share it with you.

“You are beautiful. Your beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable. Day after day, countless people across the globe get on a scale in search of validation of beauty and social acceptance.Get off the scale! I have yet to see a scale that can tell you how enchanting your eyes are. I have yet to see a scale that can show you how wonderful your hair looks when the sun shines its glorious rays on it. I have yet to see a scale that can thank you for your compassion, sense of humor, and contagious smile.

Get off the scale because I have yet to see one that can admire you for your perseverance when challenged in life.It’s true, the scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love. Don’t give the scale more power than it has earned. Take note of the number, then get off the scale and live your life. You are beautiful!” – Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


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