Her Baby was the Size of a Lime

It was one of the rawest conversations I ever had, when I offered to take the baby of a woman who was scheduled for an abortion. Her baby was the size of a lime. I’d always been pro-life, but at that moment something within me cultivated a renewed sense of the sacredness of human life. This was a child, and despite what anyone said, he or she had a right to life.

Along with every other American, I watched the Presidential debates, and it was the second debate which instilled a mixture of disgust and a battle cry for truth to prevail within me. This arose from President Obama’s comment in regards to Planned Parenthood offering mammograms to women. When in reality, Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer mammograms.

People say, Well Planned Parenthood doesn’t just offer abortions. What about everything else they do for women? I am aware that Planned Parenthood doesn’t just do abortions and I’m sure some of their other services have helped women in financial need. But because they do abortions we can not support them. The evil of murdering a human life outweighs any other good they are doing. According to the FBI, murder is the highest level of crime, with rape second to it. What if a young girl was raped and then taken to ice cream by the same person. Don’t you think the evil outweighs the good deed here? The same is true with Planned Parenthood. You can’t kill a child and offer counseling services, etc and claim to do good deeds. That my friends, is seer hypocrisy.

Someone could argue, Why should the woman have to carry and raise a baby when the man just gets to have sex and run off. Why should she have to live in shame and adjust the rest of her life? I certainly don’t know everything, but as a survivor of over a decade of abuse I’ve learned two things. Life isn’t always just and when it isn’t you can turn inward and hurt others and ultimately yourself, or you can let the injustice make you stronger. You can rise from the ashes and seek beauty in your suffering.

If Made in His Image is going to protect victims and survivors of physical and sexual assault then shouldn’t we also be a voice for the most vulnerable human beings on earth – the unborn? We would be contradicting ourselves if we didn’t. I’d give my last drop of blood for an unborn child and Made in His Image joyfully and strongly supports the right to life from conception until nature death.

Another woman once told me that her baby was the size of a lemon. The sad truth, babies the size of lemons are being aborted daily. People say, Oh they can’t feel anything, referring to the baby. Who are we to say what the baby can or cannot feel. Have you ever cut your finger peeling potatoes or slicing vegetables? Did you feel it? Of course you did. Well, your finger is smaller than the size of a lemon.

Paul Ryan brilliantly stated in the Vice Presidential debate that yes he is Catholic, but he doesn’t necessarily believe in the right to life from conception until natural death because of his Catholic faith. He said he believes that the unborn are alive due to science. I thought his philosophy was beautifully stated.

In reality you should base your vote this election on one principle alone – which candidate believes in the unprecedented sacredness of human life. Because after all, if a child isn’t given a fighting chance to live, then who the heck cares about tax cuts, budgets, gun control, etc. Because if aborted, he or she wouldn’t even be alive to pay taxes in the first place.

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