“Honey are you married?”

Over the summer, when I worked as a baker, a customer approached me in my flour covered apron and pulled back hair, touched my arm and said, Honey are you married? I chuckled and said no. Well whoever you marry, he better like to exercise because you are going to make him fat with all of this good food. I almost dropped what I was holding, as we both laughed together.

As I was uploading these cookie pictures I thought of her funny remark. Well I don’t think I would ever marry anyone who doesn’t like to exercise and my cooking is good for you, so fear not wherever you are future husband.

The other evening I made some Christmas cookies. Baking is so therapeutic for me and I love to bring others joy through my baking and cooking. My favorite is to make dinner for my roommates and people I love.

This is just the beginning of my Christmas baking because I made these in Nashville.  And next week, I’m going home for Christmas and will definitely bake with my mom and little sister.

Do you want to hear something amazing? Made in His Image got its business debit card today! We are officially a business!! God the Father is breathtaking!! The card is royal blue to honor our Lady and my favorite part is the silver lettering at the bottom that reads “Made in His Image.” WOW!!! I can’t believe our name is on a business credit card. I had tears in my eyes when I held it in my hand. It’s really happening and we are almost an official 501 (c) 3 – non-profit organization!!! All the glory and honor to our Heavenly Father! I know He is going to use this ministry to save lives and show people His love and mercy.

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