It’s NOT Your Fault

blog may 10th

It’s hard to explain and often times words can’t do it justice. Scratch that, words could never do it justice. They say it’s your fault. They say if you were better or good it wouldn’t have happened. And their words sink into your brain like a brick falling to the bottom of the ocean. The sad part is, you believe them.

Then when someone tells you it isn’t your fault, you cry because you don’t understand how it couldn’t have been. Doesn’t ever child get abused? Isn’t every girl or woman taken advantage of? Isn’t that normal? Doesn’t everyone have bruises or scars on their body? Doesn’t everyone have nightmares? Doesn’t everyone cry themselves to sleep? 

The answer is no. No they don’t. No it’s not normal. No it’s not okay. And no it’s not your fault.

I think the following video is brilliant. I hope it helps countless young children in their journey of recovery, freedom and healing.

Like and share this blog post to raise awareness for child abuse. Help them know it’s okay to use their voice.

P.S. You are enough.

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