My Father Is…


By Tori Vissat | Guest Writer 

Photo credit | Donna Irene Photography

My Father never rushes, He is patient and waits for when I am ready

He is soft and gentle, never harsh or condemning

He sees me from afar, whispers in my heart His words of love

He draws near when I want to run

He knows my past and is unafraid

My Father is not ashamed of me

He sees my scars and with His precious blood heals them

He holds me when I feel unworthy of being touched

He invites me in when the world seems scary

He puts life back into a heart that feels numb and unfixable

My Father had me in mind from the beginning of time

He has never once forget me

He is waiting when I stray from Him

He calls me beloved, beautiful, His precious jewel

He is strong when I am at my weakest

He speaks my name when I want to give up

He sees my addiction, my wounds, my fears and takes them into His sacred side

My Father longs to be with me in my darkest days

He sees past my outer appearance

He knocks at the door of my heart

I let Him in.

P.S. You are enough.

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