The Heart of a Fighter

By Erin Coulombe

Let’s have a talk here, ladies. Let’s have a talk about how incredibly worthy you are. About how no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done or who you’ve been you are worthy of the absolute best.


I know it’s easy to forget. But you are worthy of every ounce of love you receive and more. And those times when you didn’t receive the love and respect you deserve? Don’t think that the mistreatment dealt out by another is an indication of your self-worth. Your worth is inherent. It was established on the Cross and made manifest upon conception. It remains untouched by mistakes and imperfect or harmful events.


No one can alter it. Because it’s magnitude is determined only through the eyes of God. It is no more or less than others. Those that you view as being better than you or cleaner than you or prettier than you? They are loved equally by God. Their place in His heart is no larger or smaller than your own. Their potential is no greater than yours.


Are you getting it now? Are you getting that the lies you are told every day are silenced the moment you turn to your Savior? The lies that you aren’t pretty enough. Or that your mistakes are too big. Or your boobs are too small. Or that your future was sealed with your past. Or that you were deserving of the wrongs committed against you. Or that someone else is better than you. Or that you are incapable of your dreams. All those things that the world yells in our face as God whispers in our ears- they are lies.


You, my sister, are beautiful. You have a future. Your past does not have to define you. You are limitless. You are loved. You are perfectly made. You are deserving of proper treatment. You are destined to be cherished. You are unlike anyone else. You were worth the sacrifice. You will find new reasons to smile. Your life is just beginning. You are capable of handling the struggles you’ve been given.


You may voice the words written across your heart. You don’t have to give up. Your dreams and your thoughts and your feelings are valid. You have a friend. You don’t have to have it all together. You can tell your story. You are allowed to be hurt. You are going to rise. Your mistakes do not define you. You should look in the mirror and recognize the beautiful woman looking back at you.


Because that woman will never be fulfilled if she is unable to love herself. The love of others in association with her will never reach its full potential. The words, “I love you,” will turn to ash on her lips. The insults and the pain and the burdens will ring in her mind and rule her life until she quits giving them the power to bruise her heart. She will find sadness in the face of obvious joy and block others from a heart that is longing for affection, companionship and contentment. She will settle for mediocrity even though she is destined for the extraordinary. And she will go through life a stranger to love because she refused to give it to herself. Because she let her circumstances overshadow her existence.


That woman deserves the opportunity to rise from the rubble of loss and abuse and misfortune. That woman deserves the opportunity to love and be loved in return. Let that woman come to know the heart of a fighter.


P.S. You are enough.

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