To the Gentleman From the Coffee Shop…

Several weeks ago, a gentleman approached me at a local coffee shop in Nashville, where I was working on various projects for Made in His Image. He sat down next to me and asked if I was a student. No, I’m not a student. He probed further, and I told him about MIHI.

I could tell by his questions that this gentleman was searching for a purpose, yearning to delve deeper into the meaning of life. What must I do to be free? 

(As you can see, I take my coffee very seriously).

Last night, after returning home from dinner and drinks, I stayed up until 4 am working on a project for MIHI. Then, I watched The Human Experience again. Yep, I didn’t sleep last night. By the way, did you do your homework from the last post and watch it? For less than you can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can rent this documentary on iTunes.

To the gentleman from the coffee shop and the thousands of people who have written to Made in His Image, below is how you find peace and happiness.

“Dad, I forgive you.” – Jeffrey Azize (from The Human Experience).

Jeffrey’s dad: “Thank you my son.”

Mercy: our Heavenly Father’s greatest attribute and one of the greatest gifts we could ever give to another. Now go, and show someone forgiveness and mercy, let them look at you, and see and feel the love of the Father. And who knows, you may be the first person to ever show them that love.

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