To The Girl Without a Date

By Arden Whitehurst

You are seen. You may feel invisible. You may feel at times that you don’t exist. You may wonder if you have an invisibility cloak that hides you from the view of all guys. But, you are seen. You may not have guys clamoring for your attention, but you are still seen. At parties, you may be the girl who stands alone. At dances, you may be the girl who is never asked to dance. In your friend group, you may be the only one without a “significant other.” All of this may be true, but the real truth is you are seen.


You are known. You may look around you and feel as if there isn’t a soul in the room who really knows you. You may feel like no one, especially guys, would ever care to know you. You may be discouraged and feel alone. But, you are known. You may not have guys lining up to talk with you or even a date in the near future, but you are still known. All of this may be true, but the truest truth is that you are known.


You are beautiful. You are. You’re probably rolling your eyes or laughing under your breath right about now, but it’s true. You may not have guys fawning over your outward appearance or gushing about your beauty. You might not have a guy that tells you you’re beautiful daily. You may feel unattractive or plain on your best day, but the truth is that you are beautiful. 


You are loved. You may have been hurt in the past or simply overlooked. You may feel unlovable. You may believe that there is nothing about you for a man to love, but you are wrong. Please hear this: You. Are. Loved. You may have moments, memories, that seem to prove that contrary, but the truest thing about you as a human is this, you are loved.


You are worthy. You are worthy of love and affection. You may not consider yourself worthy of anything, much less of love and affection. You may have been told you are unworthy or had a guy in your life that made you feel unworthy of good. You may have done, been, said, seen things that left you feeling completely unworthy of affection. You may simply believe, for whatever reason, that you are inherently unworthy regardless of anything you do. But that, my friend, is simply not true. You are worthy.


So, to the girl without a date, you are seen. Even if you are overlooked in the moment and feel invisible in a sea of pretty girls, you are seen by the Father. Even if no one asks you to dance or looks your way, you are still seen. You are seen by El Roi, the God who sees. No matter where you go, you will always be seen by Him. There is not a place you can run that will hide you from His gaze.


To the girl without a date, you are known. You may look around and see the couples, hear the stories and feel alone, unknown, unworthy of being known. But you are not alone and you are entirely known. In fact, you were known before the beginning of all time. Even if no guy is putting forth effort to know you right now, that’s not because you aren’t worth being known. God sees you and wants to know you intimately. He wants nothing more than to spend time with you. He wants to capture your attention and to have a relationship with you. You are known by your Father from the inside out.


To the girl without a date, you are beautiful. You probably look around and see the girls that have guys fighting for their attention and wonder what makes them more appealing, what do they have that you don’t? I bet you come to this conclusion – they’re more beautiful, thinner, funnier, or outgoing, more fun and flirty, more of everything that you are not. But I want to challenge that. They are beautiful, but so are you. You are altogether beautiful and there is no flaw in you because you were perfectly made in the image of a perfect Father.


To the girl without a date, you are loved. There doesn’t have to be a “prince charming” in your life for you to be loved. If you remember nothing else, remember this – you are loved. You are SO loved. So loved that someone died for you. And better yet, He died to save your life. Is there a better, more novel worthy love than that?


Lastly, to the girl without a date (or the girl with the wrong date), hear this: you are worthy. You are worthy of a man who will respect and cherish you. You are worthy of a guy that treats you with patience and gentleness. You are worthy of a gentlemen and of being treated like a lady. So, be that lady and wait for a gentlemen. Because you are worth waiting for.


I will leave you with this: You do not need to be thinner or taller or funnier or smarter or more talented and flirtatious or anything else. You are seen, known, beautiful, loved and worthy just as you are, date or no date.


P.S. You are enough.

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