Waiting is Hard


By Erin McNew | Staff Writer

Today in class you talked to us about waiting. Sometimes I think that maybe you don’t think anyone listens to your stories while we ride. But I do. You’re actually my favorite instructor. I think you’re goofy and funny and when you get down to it, you’re honestly pretty relatable. You take a class that I dread going to at 8AM and make it my favorite class of the week.
Anyways, today you spoke to us about waiting and said something along the lines of, “The wait is long and the hard work is difficult but the results are perfect.” That really stuck in my head today. You’re whole story stuck in my head today. When you talked about getting discouraged by your dating life sometimes I actually started to feel a little teary.

When I was in 8th grade I decided to save sex for when I was married. And it was really easy until the end of my freshman year at A&M. I met this boy and he did everything right. He drove three hours to my house that summer just to take me to a movie. I’d never had a boyfriend or anything like that before, and he made falling in love the easiest thing. Over the next year though it began to get really challenging. He was always angry with me over nothing and I found this boy who used to be so sweet to me hurting me a lot. We’d go out and he would pay attention to other girls and ignore me, but when we left he wanted to drunkenly tell me he loved me. And of course I believed him. And I found myself constantly trying to win the affection of someone who didn’t deserve me. Our relationship grew to be really volatile and abusive for me, and a year after he’d first told me he was interested in me he told me he wanted to marry me then broke up with me.

I was broken. It was the first day of summer and I honestly felt like a shadow of myself. I didn’t know how to cope with the things I was feeling, so I’d ride my bike. Everyday I’d ride a minimum of ten miles. I started losing weight, but the one laying on my heart just grew heavier.

I had this really special friend that started reaching out to me. He made the healing of my heart a top priority and kind of captured it along the way. A year and a half later, we just celebrated a year of dating. He told me he was going to marry me on our first date and I’ve never been so confident in the words of another person. We plan on getting engaged in the spring, and every day I go to cycling I tell him how thankful I am that biking is more than just numbing for me now, it’s exhilarating.

You’re right in the fact that waiting is long. I made a commitment to myself in the 8th grade, and it took me almost six years to find it. My boyfriend doesn’t know, but I’ve been writing letters to the man I was going to marry since I was 16 telling him that he was worth every minute of waiting. I’ve written 88 letters now, and seeing his face everyday just makes each one increasingly true.

It’s easy to get discouraged, but I thought you should know that someone as special as you is going to find the love they’ve been working hard and waiting for.

The result is always worth it.

P.S. You are enough.

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