Be a Lady: Watch Your Mouth

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By Molly Cromer | Guest Blogger

Twitter has taught me a lot about kids my age, which is high school. For a while now, I have been hearing that Facebook is no longer as popular among teens as it used to be, and I just figured out why. The answer is simple: parents. Most every teen has at least one parent on Facebook. Twitter, not so much.

Teens have figured out where to go to be free of parental supervision. This means provocative selfies, inappropriate humor, and a lot of foul language. I have seen a lot of disgusting tweets and retweets by girls in high school. Some of the things they think are funny are just repulsive, and shouldn’t be repeated.

If this isn’t enough, some of these same girls tweet the occasional scripture verse or spiritual reflection, because they claim to be committed Christians. Wait…really? One moment they tweet a gross joke about the female anatomy, or drop the F-bomb, and the next tweet they’re praising the Lord?  Some of them literally have hundreds of followers. Is this how Christian girls should be represented?

Girls, pick one: Christian or crude. Crude is easy and it’s everywhere. Christianity takes effort, discipline, and not everyone will like it. If you’re going to call yourself Christian on Twitter, you better be prepared to reflect that in everything you post online. Christians are called to do more than talk the talk. Who you are when your parents aren’t looking is who you are. Talk is cheap; it means nothing unless you live it. Walk the talk. Be not afraid.

P.S. You are enough.

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