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Maura would be honored to share her own powerful story of healing and hope with you. She speaks on a variety of topics that inspire women of all ages to believe in their inherent dignity and live authentic lives as daughters of God.


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Speaking Topics

From Victim to Survivor

Maura shares her story of recovery from her eating disorder, depression and abuse. She walks you through her journey of how she moved halfway across the country to go to trauma therapy and how she found hope and healing by seeing beauty in her sufferings. Her powerful story is one of perseverance, courage and about how she discovered God the Father’s love.

Setting Yourself Free and the Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior; forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying you. In this compelling talk Maura shares how she learned to forgive those who have harmed her and see forgiveness as a choice through the help of God, therapy and the book The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen.

Eating Disorders: It's Not about the Food

Maura delves into what triggered her eating disorder and her long journey of recovery. She takes you inside her therapy journey and shares how she learned to see her own beauty and worth through her inherent dignity as a daughter of God. She talks about what it really means to be beautiful and the longings of a woman’s heart, while giving practical tips to her audience.

The Ache of Being Single

Everyone longs to love someone and be loved in return. Maura shares her story of past broken relationships, how she met her husband and how God truly does fulfill the desires He has placed on our hearts. She challenges her audience to find joy in the waiting and to see their single days as a gift.

The Father Wound

One of the most pandemic wounds of our world is fatherlessness. Every little girl yearns to be pursued by her father. She desires to be wanted, seen and heard. She internally asks the questions, Do you delight in me? Am I worth fighting for? Am I beautiful? Am I enough? In this talk Maura explains how due to this universal wound young girls are not learning their worth and dignity and teaches her audience that they are worth being pursued and cherished.

Additional topics

  • Abuse

  • Depression

  • Breaking the stigma of mental illness

  • Authentic beauty

  • Relationships

  • Normalizing therapy

  • The love of God as Father

Challenge your group

Maura will tailor her talk to meet the specific needs of your audience or event. Start the conversation when you book Maura to inspire your audience with her story and perspectives.



I was so inspired by everything you said. And your story is so beautiful and touching, I cried listening to you speak.


I listened to you speak at the University of Texas at Austin and it changed my life. Your passion was inspiring. I never knew going to therapy was okay before you told me.

Thank you for what you have done for me. Made in His Image is an amazing ministry, it saved my life.


university of texas at austin

I heard your talk on forgiveness in San Diego and what you said resonated with me. I’ve struggled for so long to forgive my father and tried everything to mask the pain. Your talk really helped me and I know I need to forgive.


san diego, ca

I’m the one who came up to you in tears after your talk at Notre Dame. Thank you for coming and sharing your story with us, you are a brave woman. After hearing your talk I have made the decision to go to therapy. You have given me hope. Thank you.


university of notre dame

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