A girl’s favorite and a guy’s least favorite subject: LOVE

Alright, who wants to talk about their feelings? Okay don’t everyone jump up at once.

A lot of people think love is a feeling. Well, guess what? It’s not. Sure, if you are romantically attracted, involved, or married to someone, you, as the saying goes have feelings for them. But those feelings, are not enough to make a relationship last. Why do you think divorce rates are so high? Or people who hook up never last? Because they are mainly judging their relationship off their feelings and not willing to choose love when things get difficult.

Here at MIHI, we help victims and survivors of abuse and trauma. And I think those survivors are a beautiful witness of choosing to love, especially when they have never been shown human love. Despite what society may tell you, you are NOT damaged. On the contrary, your scars, whether they be seen or unseen, radiate your ability to choose love.


How can someone ever trust in the existence of an unconditional divine love when most, if not all, of what he or she has experienced is the opposite of love – fear, hatred, violence, and abuse?  

They are not condemned to be victims! There remains within them, hidden as it may seem, the possibility to choose love. Many people who have suffered the most horrendous rejections and been subject to the most cruel torture are able to choose love. By choosing love they become witnesses not only to enormous human resiliency but also to the divine love that transcends all human loves. Those who choose, even on a small-scale, to love in the midst of hatred and fear are the people who offer true hope to our world. – Henri Nouwen

My dear friends, let us love! Let’s be saints!

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