Beauty Pageant Contestant Wins Runner-Up!!

blog feb 20th

Over the weekend a beautiful woman used Made in His Image as her platform for a beauty pageant. She read about Made in His Image several months ago and contacted me to say that it inspired her to dress modestly in her upcoming pageant and for the rest of her life. She talked about her desire to inspire the other women in the pageant about their dignity, and to raise awareness for eating disorders and abuse. Every contestant must choose a charity to represent and I was honored to have her choose us.

She is an amazing woman and just won runner-up at her pageant over the weekend. You can read what she wrote here.

Yesterday was awesome! The ladies were wonderful and I had so much fun. I ended getting first runner-up, which I was really excited about because that’s the closest I’ve been to winning in a pageant. The best and most challenging part of the day was the interview portion. I left feeling like I was drilled by the judges, but at the same time I felt like no matter what happened, I had already won because I got up there and answered questions, particularly aimed at my faith and modesty, with conviction.

Also, at the end of the pageant, one of the other title holders from another pageant came up to me and said she thinks my platform is awesome because her platform is very similar because it has to do with eating disorder awareness and I told she should look up MIHI because it’s an amazing organization. Thank you so much for letting me use your organization as my platform!

Woooohooo!!!!!! I am so proud of her!!

P.S. You are enough.

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