If you loved me wouldn’t you get plastic surgery?

As I was flipping through a local magazine, I came across an add that read, “Beautiful Positive You – Call today to schedule your appointment at Vanderbilt Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. “

Excuse me as I gag.


“Beautiful Positive You” stems from your inherent dignity as a daughter of God, thank you very much.

A guy once wanted me to get plastic surgery. When he mentioned those words my heart froze. I felt gross. So does this mean I’m not beautiful? You don’t like me just the way I am? You don’t think I’m attractive? You think I’m ugly. Even though I would never even consider the mere thought of plastic surgery, those were painful words to hear.

Plastic surgery is like saying, sorry God, but you didn’t make me good enough. I think I should help you out there and make a few changes. Satan throws lies at our insecurities all the time saying we aren’t good enough. But confidence in God, can and will, combat those lies. In order to do that, you need to be firmly rooted in who you are. Ladies, don’t let society mold your confidence. Made in His Image desires to help you be an authentic woman.

Nothing compares to the beauty, the confidence, the Truth and the joy of knowing that you are created with a purpose, created by a loving Father, and that you are beautiful because you have His hand print on your soul.

As women, we are very vulnerable to what we hear. Sure, it’s nice to hear that you are beautiful, but true confidence is believing it in your heart. You need to get comfortable in who God created you to be, before you would even believe what a man told you anyway.

You are a daughter of God and you are beautiful, because He created you. God doesn’t create ugly, it would go against His very nature. He can only create beautiful and that’s what you are.

You are made in His Image!

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