Take Up Your Cross

Your pain is deep, and it won’t just go away. It is also uniquely yours, because it is linked to some of your earliest life experiences.


Your call is to bring that pain home. As long as your wounded part remains foreign to your adult self, your pain will injure you as well as others.


Yes, you have to incorporate your pain into your self and let it bear fruit in your heart and the hearts of others.


This is what Jesus means when he asks you to take up your cross. He encourages you to recognize and embrace your unique suffering and to trust that your way to salvation lies therein.


Taking up your cross means, first of all, befriending your wounds and letting them reveal to you your own truth. There is great pain and suffering in the world. But the pain hardest to bear is your own.


Once you have taken up that cross, you will be able to see clearly the crosses that others have to bear, and you will be able to reveal to them their own ways to joy, peace and freedom.


P.S. You are enough.

Words from Henri Nouwen’s book The Inner Voice of Love.

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